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Who We Are

Today we're two people: Alex and Shane. We founded Beyond together, and we're hiring our very first humans right now. Alex is from Germany, and has a deep product background, having worked at N26 and Xing for years. Shane is an ex-Google Eng Lead from Australia, and was a software engineer for years.

Joining an early-stage startup can have some risks, but it's also a chance for you to have a huge impact. A lot of the company's culture will come from your presence. You'll work on projects which form the very basis of our product success. You'll get to learn and grow in any direction you like. We're excited to have you join the team. See you soon! 👋

How We Work

Freedom and Flexibility

We're 100% remote, and we design workflows to be mostly async. We value passionate, deep, autonomous work, and we think it makes for a better lifestyle overall. You're in charge of your time, and getting things done.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

We are committed to creating an environment where anyone, from anywhere, can feel like home. We plan to build this in to the DNA of Beyond from Day 0, that's why we're starting now. You can read more here.

Outcomes over Outputs

We're focused on achieving real impactful outcomes, not measuring the number of 'things' you do. We form hypotheses and test them. We don't debate opinions, but try things and embrace failure. This is what the road to innovation looks like.

Learning and growing

We are lifelong learners, and we hope you are too. We give you plenty of room for growth, and we support your learning too. As we're a startup, you'll have the opportunity to grow with us, and carve out your space.

Sharing and community

We are all unique individuals, and we each bring something to the team. We embrace that, and encourage everyone to share their knowledge, experiences, and problems too! Though we are remote, we are a close team.

Perks & Benefits

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